About Brian Munoz

BRIAN MUNOZ was born in Pereira, Colombia. He started tattooing in 2008 and was a self taught artist for the first three years of his career. He did not go through a formal apprenticeship, instead he started working privately from home at the age of 17 and never looked back. With over a decade of skill set, he still considers himself a student and is constantly learning and improving his craft. Brian’s main source of education has been though experience, tattoo conventions, working at reputable tattoo studios, and though observation. His passion for art and tattooing speaks for itself, the trust and creative freedom given to him allows him to create master pieces. Brian specializes in black and grey realism and surrealism. He loves working on portraits, surrealistic imagery, and anything that involves that creative freedom. He also enjoys doing Neo-Surrealistic Japanese and oriental art, as well as high contrast realistic works of the renaissance times, paintings, sculptures and architecture. He spend a lot of his time with his kids, working out, drawing, painting, tattooing, designing on clothes and working on positive vibrations.